We’re passionate about one thing: YOUR success

Our mission is to free professionals to enjoy the journey of success right now by implementing strategic guidance and innovative technology, ultimately harmonizing people and processes. What does that mean to you and your business? It depends. We do not use a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach to develop solutions. Instead, we find out what matters most to you and then customize your business solutions accordingly.

Meet The Team

Alex McMillan

CEO | Coach | Visionary

An award-winning Health and Lifestyle Coach and Personal Development Trainer, Alex McMillan forged a life path in health consulting, personal coaching, and business success leadership training beginning in January 2000. Since then, he has inspired tens of thousands to unleash their physical, mental, and emotional capacity to reach their full potential. Alex is the Founder and CEO of five companies:

Alex’s High Impact Presentations

Optimal Living 365

ALOS — Another Level Operating System

Another Level You — Life and Business Performance

Alex’s High Impact Presentations

At ALOS, Alex helps individuals and businesses focus on ways to add value to the hearts, minds, and lives of the people their products, processes, and purposes serve

April Ross

Client Operations Specialist

She has a background in multiple Corporate companies and currently working toward her MBA with a focus in Small Business Entrepreneurship Certification. Now, she’s focused on sharing her knowledge and tools with start-up and experienced business owners like you.

Certification in - Small Business Entrepreneurship

Has a Degree in Business and working toward MBA

Craig Wigginton

EOS Implementer | Business Strategist

Craig helps entrepreneurs and their leadership teams solve root problems, lead more effectively, and gain Traction® in their businesses through a simple, proven operating system.

Business Development


Marketing Strategy

New Business Development

Rose Rooney

Accountant | Head of Finance

Rose is an organized, detailed, and efficient professional with over 20 years of accounting, tax, and management experience. She provides CFO, accounting, consulting, and tax advisory services to companies across an array of industries. Rose also enjoys assisting start-up companies to ensure that they have a solid foundation to grow their business. She is personable, innovative, and knowledgeable in accounting, tax, and business management.

Fun Facts:

Quickbooks Elite Pro-Advisor

Contract CFO

Tax Planning

Tax Preparation

Full-Charge Bookkeeping

Amelia Brockmann

Tech Support Specialist

Amelia found her true professional calling at ALOS working with Seint artists. She's a trusted and hard-working employee who excels in a fast-paced work environment

At ALOS she loves to build relationships with every single artist and enjoys helping her team solve tech issues!

Fun Facts:

She has 3 cats

Lives in Georgia

Knits / Crochets for the homeless

Our Goals

Are to provide you with a tailor-made experience, celebrate and optimize any processes you have in place that work well for you, and implement new and improved systems as necessary. Together, we will examine both the “big picture” view of your business and the individual pieces of the puzzle that, when altered, shifted, or put in their proper place, will afford you peace of mind and freedom to enjoy your life.


Our Core Values

Intrinsic Motivation

Fierce Loyalty

Courageous Authenticity

Intentional Presence


Unrelenting Joy

Methodical Innovation

Our clients experience real changes with real results.


Bootstrap Accordion Menu with Plus Minus Icon
The many synonyms for the word “level” include achievement and degree. An achievement is something well-accomplished by excellent ability or extraordinary effort, and degree refers to a stage on a scale of intensity, such as operating at a high degree of mastery. These are the concepts we are referring to when we say “level.” For us, moving into another level means increasing achievements and moving up in degrees to a higher position on the scale of success. At Another Level Operating System (ALOS), we impart the tools you need to advance into another operational level.
In terms of computer operation, an operating system (OS) refers to a programmed environment designed to manage basic computer operation elements such as sending instructions to hardware devices and allocating system resources (e.g., memory) to various software applications. For an end-user, the operating system of a computer should feel seamless and undetectable. In business, your “end-users” are your customers, and often, your employees. In the same way that a computer end-user desires a streamlined experience from a computer’s OS, your customers and staff expect a streamlined experience from your company’s operating systems and procedures. At Another Level Operating System (ALOS), we refer to all your operational processes, computerized or not, as your overall “Operating System.”
RIGHT! Yes, our team of expert business strategists and coaches developed Another Level Operating System (ALOS) to help businesses like yours operate at a level of excellence that delights your internal and external end-users while providing you peace of mind. We will assess your current operations and implement changes or improvements as needed according to your unique goals. “Upgrade” your OS today with ALOS.
Good question – we get that all the time. Think of your buddy named Alfred, who’d rather not be called by his full name, but he’s ok with the nickname “Al.” That’s the first part. For the second part, think of saying goodbye in Spanish, pronounced ah-dee-ōs. Say the second part of ALOS as you pronounce the “ōs” part of “adios.” Our clients experience real changes with real results.

Bridging the Gap from Aspiration to Achievement

We combine a compassionate, highly intentional approach with tailor-made experiences based on client needs for maximum results.


ALOS frees professionals to enjoy the journey of success right now by implementing strategic guidance and innovative technology, harmonizing people and processes.

Our Clients

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Network Marketing & Remote Team

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