We’re passionate about one thing: YOUR success

Our mission is to free professionals to enjoy the journey of success right now by implementing strategic guidance and innovative technology, ultimately harmonizing people and processes. What does that mean to you and your business? It depends. We do not use a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach to develop solutions. Instead, we find out what matters most to you and then customize your business solutions accordingly.

Meet The Team

Alex McMillan

CEO | Coach | Visionary

An award-winning Health and Lifestyle Coach and Personal Development Trainer, Alex McMillan forged a life path in health consulting, personal coaching, and business success leadership training beginning in January 2000. Since then, he has inspired tens of thousands to unleash their physical, mental, and emotional capacity to reach their full potential. Alex is the Founder and CEO of five companies:

Alex’s High Impact Presentations
Alex McMillan LLC
Another Level You — Life and Business Performance

At ALOS, Alex helps individuals and businesses focus on ways to add value to the hearts, minds, and lives of the people their products, processes, and purposes serve.

Justin Nichols

COO | Integrator

Justin is the founder and CEO of a growing video production company after earning his BS in Motion Graphics and Visual Effects at the Art Institute of Orange County. He has spent the past seven years as the CEO of Double Pixel Studios, which serves as a multimedia creative production company that creates video content for small, medium, and large companies across the country and around the world. Justin has been trained and inspired by some of the best talent and mentors in the industry.

Justin is extremely well versed as a producer and problem solver. With a great deal of professionalism, Justin is able to efficiently and successfully execute any job from beginning to end. In the time he’s spent managing his own business and team, Justin has faced the same roadblocks other leaders face. Most importantly, he’s learned how to overcome those challenges and achieve success.

Over the last 2 years, Justin as worked as COO for Alex McMillan and the ALOS team. During this time, he has:

Supervised Teams of Remote Contractors
Trained Executive Teams & Leadership
Been a Key Person in ALOS’s Development
Overseen Accounts for Up to 30 Clients at a Time
Managed a Company with an Annual Revenue of $600k+

Our Goals

Are to provide you with a tailor-made experience, celebrate and optimize any processes you have in place that work well for you, and implement new and improved systems as necessary. Together, we will examine both the “big picture” view of your business and the individual pieces of the puzzle that, when altered, shifted, or put in their proper place, will afford you peace of mind and freedom to enjoy your life.

ALOS - Optimizing processes you have in place
ALOS - Core Values

Our Core Values

Intrinsic Motivation

Fierce Loyalty

Courageous Authenticity

Intentional Presence


Unrelenting Joy

Methodical Innovation

Our clients experience real changes with real results.

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Bridging the Gap from Aspiration to Achievement

We combine a compassionate, highly intentional approach with tailor-made experiences based on client needs for maximum results.